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Julie Merzon

Scarsdale, NY
  • Julie Merzon in the photo 1

After being an avid runner for 25 years, I was hit by a car while running. My right foot was crushed and basically dangling from my ankle. I had several broken bones, a Lisfranc injury, a giant wound and extensive soft tissue damage. Dr. Levine was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate and patient throughout my recovery. He took a great deal of time answering my numerous questions at each visit. Dr. Levine understood the psychological difficulty of going from running over 50 miles per week, to being completely non-weight-bearing and sedentary for 3 months. He suggested that I channel the discipline I usually apply to running to resting and recovering. It really resonated with me that Dr. Levine understood my drive and need to obsess with my something, even if that something had become just wiggling my toes again. It was a long, slow process, but his encouragement, guidance and expertise enabled me to trek around Disney World with my family within four months and to start running again soon after that...all without surgery. Thank you, Dr. Levine! Thank you also to Dr. Wyss for helping me get an appointment with Dr. Levine and for being so amazing in dealing with my numerous other running injuries over the past 9 years.