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Julie Bernier

Bronx, NY
  • Julie Bernier in the photo 1

Dr. Della Valle was heaven sent! I have struggled with hip pain my entire life. The last 3 - 4 years before my surgery were the absolute worst. I'm sure walking unevenly with a limp didn't help, as my right leg was much shorter than my left leg. The pain was unbearable! Taking a short walk with my family, grocery shopping, walking up the stairs, getting dressed, going to work and taking trips with my students was so difficult for me. Sitting was stressful because I couldn't get up with out feeling pain. I felt anxious to walk anywhere because I didn't want to slow others down. All of that changed when I met Dr. Della Valle in May of 2019. During my visit, he told me I'd need both of my hips replaced, that's 2 total hip replacements at 42! I was so nervous, but he promised me that after my surgeries I would walk better than I ever have. My surgeries were scheduled for June of 2019 and August of 2019.

I was terrified that the pain from the surgery would be intense and the recovery would take long. After surgery, the nurses would ask about the level of pain I was in, and I kept waiting for my hips to hurt more than they did before surgery. There was more soreness from the surgery than pain. Recovery was much quicker than I thought and I was back in my classroom 6 weeks after my 2nd surgery!

Dr. Della Valle was very honest about the entire procedure, there were no surprises along the way. Every one at HSS was amazing and very attentive during the time I was there. I did not feel rushed and was sent home when I was ready and felt confident enough to move around on my own.

Dr. Della Valle was right! I am able to do all of the things I struggled with before with no problem. I take walks with my family and keep up with my students! I no longer walk with a limp and am able to stand with both of my feet flat on the floor! Meeting Dr. Della Valle was life changing! He made sure I was comfortable and understood everything every step of the way! He has definitely been the kindest and most caring doctor. He has given me a life I didn't think was possible for me! My family and I appreciate you so much!! Thank you Dr. Della Valle!