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Julia Funaro

Cheshire, CT
  • Julia Funaro in the photo 1

I am a Level 10 gymnast competing at the highest level in my sport and I had suffered a major ankle injury during a competition. I had a feeling that the injury was very serious, so my mom reached out to others in the sport and in healthcare to get recommendations for ankle specialists and Dr. Cody came highly recommended for an injury like mine. After meeting her, I had instant trust in her to know that she would provide the best care. After an MRI, it was clear that I needed surgery and Dr. Cody was honest and transparent about what she knew she needed to repair and other possible injuries to the ankle that might need to be fixed. I was nervous the day of the surgery but knew I was in great hands. Immediately after surgery I was ready to start recovery and Dr. Cody provided a clear path for what I needed to do. I am now 6 months post-op and have made a full recovery including full strength and mobility of my ankle. Most importantly I am back training with zero ankle pain! I cannot thank Dr. Cody enough for allowing me the opportunity to compete in the sport I love again!