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Julia Fennell

Colorado Springs, CO
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I am a competitive figure skater and began developing back pain in late 2018. I was unable to train or compete as the pain progressed, and ended up being out for about two seasons. For over a year, I saw numerous doctors at top, well-regarded centers. I had many MRIs, x-rays, and tried every treatment offered to me, from epidural and PRP injections to various medications, yet nothing worked. One doctor suggested that the pain was just anxiety, which was incredibly frustrating, as I wanted nothing more than to be able to skate again. Having heard great things about Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), my mom and I met with Dr. Yoon, whom I will be forever grateful to. It’s an understatement to say that Dr. Yoon changed my life. Dr. Yoon listened to me from the first appointment and never discounted my ideas or thoughts.

Dr. Yoon used cutting-edge research to come up with a treatment plan right before COVID-19 hit, which resulted in all elective procedures being cancelled. For the next few months, Dr. Yoon and I stayed in touch, and as soon as procedures were allowed to resume, Dr. Yoon got me scheduled. I immediately felt better after the procedure, and after taking a few more weeks to recover, I was able to fly back to Colorado to resume training. Dr. Yoon utilized every resource and research available and came up with a treatment plan that no other doctor did. Over the next few months, I flew to New York to have the procedure repeated, but after a few times, I was no longer in pain, and no longer needed regular treatment. I’m now able to pursue my passion and dreams without pain, and I am so grateful to Dr. Yoon and HSS for that.