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Juli-Anne Sabino

Garden City, NY
  • Juli-Anne Sabino in the photo 1

After being diagnosed with Thyroid Disease, I decided to take up running to maintain my health and metabolism. I was running in the park one morning and tripped on a turtle...yes, a turtle! I fell and thought I rolled my ankle. I got up and seemed to be OK, but a week later I had some hip pain. It took a few months for me to see an orthopedist in my area. I went through the typical 8 weeks of PT and tried anti-inflammatories, but nothing really seemed to help. A cortisone injection was recommended, but I thought that if they couldn't give me an exact diagnosis, I didn't want a cortisone injection. I saw the hip specialist in my orthopedic group who said my symptoms fall into the diagnosis of labrum tear. He told me that the surgery for labrum repairs was relatively new and not many doctors performed the surgery. Since I had the diagnosis, I decided to find the best doctor for this type of diagnosis. I found Dr. Kelly at HSS. From the moment I walked into the office for the first time, I felt comfortable with him, his team and the level of expertise and professionalism. Although Dr. Kelly treats professional athletes, Olympians and high level college athletes, he treated me like I was the only patient he had. My surgery was scheduled on a morning in December right after Christmas. We had a storm the night before, almost 2 feet of snow was recorded. I couldn't make it to the hospital, but Dr. Kelly was there waiting. I rescheduled the surgery for a few months later. I managed my recovery and physical therapy quite well; probably because I followed the strict protocol Dr Kelly prescribed for post surgery. I was back to running in 3 months. Being at Hospital for Special Surgery is like being on a separate planet. They are amazing in every aspect. From the staff in Physical Therapy, the greeters at the elevators, nurses in the recovery room, etc. Such an amazing place. A year later my brother needed a hip replacement due to a horrible automobile accident. He saw a couple of doctors that were reluctant to perform the replacement because he was only 40. Under Dr. Kelly's recommendation, my brother saw Dr. Douglas Padgett. Dr. Padgett replaced my brother's hip and now my brother is back to his old self, able to be a volunteer fireman and run around with his son and daughter. I cannot say enough about these Doctors and the HSS. They are the Bruce Springsteen of Doctors!