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Judith Rudnick

New York, NY
  • Judith Rudnick in the photo 1

For over a year, I was in denial that I needed hip replacement surgery - not one, but both. I tried all kinds of different therapies, massage, acupuncture, meditation, different shoes and diet changes. My walking got more difficult and painful. I could barely get down on the floor with the grandbabies. Then, I could not get up.

I consulted with Dr. Blevins who recommended that I do the right hip first. Three months after he replaced the first hip, I returned for the second. His medical brilliance and surgical skills gave me my life back. His team including Jamar, Vanessa and Kiana were helpful, personable and caring.

Apparently, you can't go wrong with any doctor at HSS, but as a result of my seamless experience, I’ve concluded that Dr. Blevins is the best of the best.