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Judi Mark

New York, NY
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I was dealing with pain and endless physical therapy sessions while pursuing my performance career and profession as a Dance Educator. I thought that I could work out the pain over the years, but it kept getting worse. I knew in my heart that if an operation was inevitable, it could only be at HSS because of the outstanding rating (#1 in Orthopedics).

I waited for as long as I could because I needed to keep my job in the public schools, colleges and universities to make my living and feed my soul. I have danced since I was four years old and bonded with my mother, who was a classical pianist and song writer. My job required demonstrating every movement that I made repetitively. I taught five classes a day, five days a week, evening sessions and attended technique classes to stay in shape until I could not anymore. I pulled my body up and tried to take the weight off my hips but the left hip joint was bone on bone.

I made the appointment with Dr. Amar Ranawat and scheduled the operation. It was the left hip first and then within two years, the right hip was replaced too. I put my trust into his skill as a surgeon and prayed that I could return to my profession even if I couldn't perform extreme movements like before. I am so grateful to be under his care. Most dancers with hip replacements don't like to talk about it and I was the same until now. We like to push it away as if it didn't happen.

I wrote my story and recorded a song and created a video that was released, "Dancin' For My Life". Lucky for me, I can also sing and act and what I cannot do as a dancer I can cover with my other abilities.