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Jud Berkowitz

Chester Springs, PA

I was referred to Dr. Su by Dr. Kelly. At the time I was 71 and had been suffering from a deteriorating hip for 6 years but was avoiding surgery because I still work and did not want lose months in recovery.

Dr. Su performed hip resurfacing on my hip on July 3rd, 2013 and I was back to work by the 10th, was skiing in December, played golf in March, climbed Massada in Israel the following August in desert heat and have never had ANY discomfort or pain. Also, my skiing this year qualified me for the NASTAR National Skiing Championships to be held in Aspen. There are not enough adjectives to describe how pleased I am with my outcome.

As important as the actual surgery was, so was the care that I received at HSS from everyone from the doorman to the aides to the nurses to the admitting people etc. It was beyond amazing. I really have to say that the entire experience was perfect. Its now almost two years and I wouldn't have changed anything.