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Juan D. Ortiz-Reyes

Bronx, NY
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I am an active guy. I live for my time in the gym, so in 2014, I was concerned when I started having lower back pain. After two years of dealing with the discomfort, my doctor referred me to a spine doctor. Two visits and two transforaminal fusions later the spine doctor informed me the problem was my left hip. Hip replacement at my age did not seem like an option, so I suffered through another 2½ years of limited mobility and pain. I did not know what to expect, but finally I made the decision in August of 2019 to have a left hip replacement. I did not look back or second guess my decision - I was ready! Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Vigdorchik and the incredible team at HSS my recovery time was AMAZING. Three days after surgery I started rehab at home followed by outpatient PT. I admit I experienced some pain, but in 28 days I was back in the gym (under doctor’s advisement of course).

Home free not really! Three months later as I was recovering from my first hip surgery, I started experiencing the same pain in my right hip. This time there was no hesitation. In November of 2020, Dr Vigdorchik performed my second hip replacement. This time I knew what to expect and the recovery followed the same experience as before.

It was a six-year journey, but now I am pain-free. No more wondering if I will be crippled with pain or forced to be homebound or wondering if my own two legs will support me. Life is good and this active guy is Back in the Game!