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Josh Weiner

New York, NY
  • Josh Weiner in the photo 1
  • Josh Weiner in the photo 2

One day I was playing in the park with my friend and when we were walking to the tree I was limping. When we were climbing the tree I fell off from 3 feet high and I couldn't get up and I was in a lot of pain and when I tried to move my leg it really hurt. So my mom picked me up and carried me and hailed a cab and we went to the hospital. My dad and grandfather and Jeni were waiting there for me. I got an x-ray and MRI and they said I fractured my hip and femur because of a cyst in my femur bone. The next day I got a surgery and Dr. Dodwell scraped out the cyst in my femur and put in bone graft. Then she put a plate and seven screws in my hip. I was in a body cast and wheelchair for 2 months and then crutches and physical therapy for another few months. Now I can walk and run and play sports like tennis and lacrosse and basketball and football like I used to.