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Joseph Thompson

Staten Island, NY
  • Joseph Thompson in the photo 1
  • Joseph Thompson in the photo 2

Back in 2016, as I was playing a softball game, I realized after hitting the ball. I couldn't run to 1st base. So after an x-ray I was told that I had a lot of arthritis in my hip and was gonna need a replacement down the road. Being an athlete my entire life, from playing baseball and softball since I was a little kid to playing semi-pro football and now doing the golf thing, I thought I would be able to work through it. Being a sanitation worker for 20 years, I think also put a damper on my hips. As months went by, I fell my left hip getting tighter and in worse shape. Every time I lifted my leg. My knee would automatically rotate out. I knew that wasn't a good sign. After more time went by, I started feeling pain in my knee. Now thinking I might need knee surgery, I started getting scared about my health. Being 45 and a father of 2 young kids, I knew it was time to get a real professional opinion about everything.

I was recommended to HSS by an old friend. After my 1st appointment with him, I knew right away I was in great hands. After looking over my x-ray together, he confirmed that a hip replacement was the right decision. His bedside manner made me feel so comfortable in the decision to have the surgery. It ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. 6 weeks after my surgery and I already feel like I'm 20 years younger. I'm starting to work my sports into my rehab already. I will be back working full duty in another 2 weeks. I can't wait until the spring when I can start coaching my kids again and not feeling any pain. My team at HSS was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone thinking about this type of surgery.