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Joseph Kaliko

Greenwich, CT
  • Lumbosacral Plexus
  • Joseph Kaliko in the photo 1

Finding my way to HSS was a miracle!

In June of 2016, I had lower back pain that extended from my left side down to my left knee. A few weeks later, pain and numbness extended through my left leg to my foot and toes. My toes were frozen numb and I had no sensation in my foot. My whole left side was virtually paralyzed with weakness and "drop foot."

I was wheelchair-bound and went to see physiatrist Dr. Massimi at HSS in Stamford. I sought a physiatrist as I was afraid of surgery! After an MRI, EMG and nerve conduction study (performed by Dr. Manning), I was sent to HSS in NY for a Tesler 3 high resolution MRI of the pelvis. The conclusion was that instead of surgery I needed to see an expert neurologist for evaluation and treatment of an autoimmune problem that appeared to attack nerves in my pelvic area (a lumbosacral plexus issue).

Good news... no back surgery, which in any other hospital may have been unnecessary and a first line treatment! Bad News, I needed treatment to help deal with my left leg weakness, which relegated me to the wheelchair. He immediately put me on an IVIG regimen and after two months of treatment (15 days of infusions with fantastic infusion nurse expert Melissa Keiser), NO MORE WHEELCHAIR AND NO MORE WALKER!

Friends say I've come back from the dead! I am literally "BACK IN THE GAME," thanks to my neurologist and the other HSS professionals I have been fortunate to be in contact with! THANK YOU HSS!!