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Joseph Bollo

Cedar Grove, NJ
  • Joseph Bollo in the photo 1

I have had back issues for a long time. I was treated successfully by Dr. Jordan Metzel for years. Dr. Metzl and his assistant Meghan have been a tremendous help to me. I have a very physical job so over the years my condition began to get worse. Epidurals did not help and I was in a lot of pain. Dr Metzl referred me to Dr. Russell Huang. After an MRI study Dr. Huang diagnosed me with not just a herniated disc, but a ruptured one. The nerve was being pinched and I needed to have surgery. I had surgery in mid December. Dr. Huang is an excellent surgeon. I am presently in therapy with Dana Rose at HSS and she is an excellent therapist. I am able to work and I'm slowly able to return to all of my duties. Before my surgery the pain was so bad I could barely just sit at my desk. I own and run a very busy automotive shop so that was unacceptable. Thanks to the wonderful care of Drs. Metzl and Huang and the help of Dana Rose, I am able to get back to my game.