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Joseph Alperstein

LongBeach, NY
  • Joseph Alperstein in the photo 1

I am 87-years-old and had a cervical laminectomy in December 2017. I also needed a lumbar laminectomy, but decided against it due to my age. The cervical laminectomy helped a lot and let me walk again unaided. However, the pain in my lower back became unbearable. Dr. Geiger gave 8 epidurals, which worked great for 2 or 3 months. A day after the 9th epidural, the pain came back in another spot - my thigh. I did not think I could have an epidural so soon, but I could because it was a different spot. Twenty three hours after the epidural, the unbearable pain was still there. I was depressed and ready to give up hope. However, the pain disappeared completely 24 hours after the epidural. I can never thank Dr. Geiger enough. He just about gave me my life back!