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Jorge Siega

Garopaba, Brazil
  • Jorge Siega in the photo 1
  • Jorge Siega in the photo 2

I had a total hip replacement about 15 years ago on my left leg and on my right about 14 years ago. I am very grateful to the amazing Dr. Paul M. Pellicci and the marvelous HSS staff. Soon after my fast recovery, I was back in the game, doing what a like to do best, playing soccer and running about 5K 4 times a week.

And as of my last x-rays done last month, the implants are perfect with no damage at all. They took a quite a beating and pounding all these years. I will be 69 years old on April 3rd.


On my x-ray you will notice that my muscle tore a piece of the bone on my left leg. This happened about six months ago while playing soccer, but I am already running and kicking again.