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Jordan Deitch

Commack, NY
  • Foot Injury/Condition
  • Jordan Deitch in the photo 1

My name is Jordan Deitch, I was born with Amniotic Banding on my hands and feet. I have 3 fingers on my left hand and 4 fingers on my right hand. Dr. Robert Hotchkiss performed 5 hand surgeries on me before I was in the second grade. My parents visited many doctors before finally finding Dr. Hotchkiss. The other doctors told my parents that I might not even be able to even tie my own shoes, but Dr. Hotchkiss had no doubts that I will be able to do anything. Today, I play college baseball, and I am defying the odds. I have attached a link to a story that was published about me and a video that was also made about me. Hope you enjoy!