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Jonathan Pino

Hillsborough, NJ

When I heard that I was diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patella back in 2011, I expected a quick fix. Soon, I found myself moving from doctor to doctor in the immediate Central Jersey area. As my doctor visits accumulated, so did my variety of tests. (X rays, MRI's, Cat Scan, and eventually surgery). Following my surgery in November 2011, my "doctor" who shall remain nameless, said I would be running in five weeks. I was lucky to have five minutes to talk with him after waiting an hour to see him. I couldn't walk without limping in five weeks, and developed severe back issues during my recovery. Needless to say my outlook was dim, and I had been given the run around yet again. Enter Dr Wyss... From my first visit with Dr. Wyss, I couldn't have been more happy with the decision I made. Dealing with a chronic knee condition involves patience, knowing your limitations, and dedication. He discussed my condition in thorough fashion, provided a detailed outline of options, but most importantly gave me hope and assurance. The thing I'm most impressed about with Dr. Wyss, is his immediacy in responding to inquiries. I've e mailed him several times a day, on weekends, and sometimes holidays. I don't know any other doctor that would do that for one of their patients. Although I may still have a long road ahead, I couldn't be more fortunate to have a doctor and top notch staff him by my side.