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Jonathan Hart

Stamford, CT
  • Joint Injection
  • Jonathan Hart in the photo 1
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I was making calls all around CT (Connecticut) looking for a doctor who would do this special surgical procedure on me. One thing comes to mind, there's always someone worse off than yourself, so I must stay humble. Just when I thought things aren't looking good, I came across this hospital. I've been going to Hospital for Special Surgery here in Stamford, CT. HSS is ranked the #1 orthopedic hospital in the nation.

The level of care I was given was top notch. The staff of nurses were very professional-even the receptionist, Viviane, was sympathetic to my needs. My doctor's diagnosis was something I always wanted to hear. It was a life changing moment. My prayers have been answered. I have pins in both my hips from a 1970 skateboard accident. My HSS hip and knee surgeon is a very knowledgeable and skilled doctor. He is going to do a double reconstruction hip replacement surgery on me. Later, we will set a date to do the other hip. I'm receiving the best treatment possible, I feel like a rock star. I know I'm in good hands.


My left hip replacement surgery was very successful, and it was done on 1/16/2018. My recovery is coming along better than I expected, and my hip is getting stronger and stronger as the days go by. I have no pain whatsoever in my hip. I do have to go to physical therapy, but that's only to build up the muscles in my leg. Before the surgery I was using a walker to get around, but now I can walk around my apartment without it. I do use a cane for support when I go outside, but that's because my right hip is a little shorter and that hip will be done soon when I get the green light from my surgeon. I want to write my doctor a short note thanking him for his care and concern in repairing my hip. I suffered for a while and take nothing for granted. I trust in your skill, your attitude and the warmth you showed me. You treated me with kindness and understanding and I'm so grateful you have a good heart. I'm so blessed to have found you. I would highly recommend your services. Yours sincerely, Jonathan Hart