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Jonathan Glicksman

Wilmington, DE
  • Jonathan Glicksman in the photo 1

I experienced increasing pain in my right hip throughout the Fall and Winter of 2019-2020. I was 67 and walking was becoming very difficult and painful. After the "insurance required" protocols of anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy had no effect, x-rays revealed I was a candidate for a full hip replacement. My research of extensively trained and experienced orthopedic hip surgeons led me to Dr. McLawhorn at HSS. After a 2 month delay due to the initial COVID-19 shut down of elective surgeries, I had my procedure at HSS in New York in May 2020.

I left the hospital the next day with detailed instructions regarding medications, incision care, and a physical therapy plan with scheduled zoom consultations (COVID protocols still in place). Within days, with the aid of a walker, I was able to climb stairs and walk short distances. By my three month follow up appointment with the surgeon, I was able to resume most of my activities in moderation.

As of this writing, it's been exactly three years since my surgery. I'm now 70 years old, can hike, work out on a treadmill, climb stairs, all with no pain and no limitations due to my hip. Several times over the past three years, I have gotten follow-up questionnaires from Dr. McLawhorn regarding my post-surgical experience. Overall, I can say with confidence that choosing Dr. McLawhorn, and his staff, and HSS, was the right decision. The experience has been life-changing.