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Jonathan Glaser

New York, NY

Dr. Joshua Dines came highly recommended from three different sources, and now I understand why. Dr. Dines is fantastic - he's smart, knowledgeable, helpful, and did an awesome job in repairing a biceps tendon tear in my right arm. Dr. Dines has been very responsive and caring. After the surgery, he followed up. When I had questions, he and his team were responsive and took the time to answer them. Dr. Dines and his staff were responsive even in the off-hours! They don't make doctors like that anymore! In addition, I had a couple of scares where I thought I had reinjured my biceps tendon, but since he did such a great job in repairing it, my biceps tendon had not been reinjured, Now I am back to working out: pull-ups, push-ups, arm curls with weights - back to where I was before my biceps tendon tore. Thank you, Dr. Dines!