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John Tremblay

Brooklyn, NY
  • John Tremblay in the photo 1

After visiting Dr. Su, he suggested I would be a good candidate for a hip resurfacing. Although I had a pronounced limp and was in a great deal of pain, I convinced myself to block out the pain and put off the surgery for as long as possible. Big mistake! I waited an additional two years to schedule the surgery. Meanwhile, nothing improved I was miserable. As an active cyclist, I couldn't ride as far as I used to and walking was getting harder and harder. I should have done the surgery sooner and I would have gotten back to life as I knew it. I forgot what life was like with out pain. Pain is sometimes difficult to convey to others, but when the pain finally ended post- surgery I was a much happier person and much active.

A year and a half after surgery (June 2014) I rode my bike up Mt Ventoux one of the highest peaks in Southern France and I realized a life long dream and also attained a state of good health I hadn't previously known. Thanks Dr. Su and the whole team at HSS. I rode my bike to the hospital on the day of surgery and my brother picked up the bike afterwards. That's just what kind of cyclist I am and since the surgery I am even better.