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John Tomeo

Hamilton Beach, NY

My story starts at age 60 (now 64). I had some lower back, right hip and leg pain and I went to the chiropractor the usual adjustment, PT, etc. I then went to see an orthopedist who took x-rays and advised I had some osteoarthritis in the right hip. He sent me for PT, which helped somewhat and I worked through the pain and stiffness for the next 2 years. I then went to a second orthopedist, who again took x-rays and administered a cortisone shot which worked for about 3 months. When the pain got more severe I went back to him and again was sent for PT, which after 6 sessions, appeared to make my pain worse. I then contacted the Physician Referral Service at HSS and was given 3 doctors to contact after describing my pain. I went through the videos and felt that Dr. Della Valle was a great fit for me. I liked the way he explained that it was the patients expectations that were most important. I was able to get an appointment on 11/12/18 and proceeded to bring my x-rays to Dr. Della Valle office. He put up my x-rays and fully explained what my condition was and his thoughts on treatment. He determined I needed a THR and asked if there were any questions or concerns that I had. I explained to him that I only had one on my mind and that was to walk my youngest daughter down the aisle at her wedding on 12/30. He immediately said, "Let me check my schedule and see how I can accommodate your need." He offered me two dates, one of which I chose (12/05). He explained that I would be just fine as long as I adhered to his instructions and had no other complications or issues, and that I would be able to walk her down the aisle. Dr. Della Valle, his staff, and every aspect of HSS made the surgery a walk in the park. Needless to say I was able to walk my daughter down the aisle and even got a cane-free father and daughter dance. I am so grateful to Dr. Della Valle and highly recommend him and the HSS family to others. Today as I write this 6 weeks post-op, I can clearly state I am cane-free and pain-free. Dr. Della Valle and HSS should be your first choice, I have already sent 3 patients their way.