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John Shaker

Stamford, CT
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Following a severe ski accident, I didn’t realize the extent of the damage done to my hamstring. I could still walk and drive, plus a physical therapist concluded it was a strain and that my leg would heal. In less than a week, half my leg developed a significant hematoma. An MRI revealed that two of my three hamstring tendons had torn off my ischial tuberosity and retracted 8 centimeters from the bone.

Initially, I was told that I might be "too old" for the operation to reattach and anchor my hamstring tendons to the bone because it entailed a "difficult recovery". However, they warned without the operation, I would never be able to walk the same again. They further cautioned it was important to have the operation within four weeks of the injury before the tendons stiffened significantly.

Because I lead an active life competing in senior men’s hockey tournaments, playing golf, hiking and other activities, Dr. Bryan Kelly recommended I undergo proximal hamstring repair surgery. He was confident the operation would get me back to living an active life. Three weeks from the date of the injury, and two days after our consultation, Dr. Kelly performed the surgery.

What struck me most about Dr. Kelly and everyone on his team was their professionalism and attentiveness. They truly care, are committed to excellence, and getting their patients back to leading active lives. In my case, I was back on the golf course in five months and the ice in eleven months. In the two years since my surgery, the CT Olde Crabs and I have won tournaments in Fort Myers, FL; Laurel, MD; Greensboro, NC; Bethlehem, PA; and Charles Shultz’s Snoopy Hockey Tournament in Santa Rosa, CA.

Dr. Kelly and his team, including Dr. Lloyd Gayle (Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon), Dr. Stephanie Swensen Buza, Jeremy Rinzler (Physician Assistant), Dante Reyes (Nurse Practitioner), Gena Bruno (Practice Manager/Surgical Coordinator), and Brittany Popkin (Physical Therapist) were first rate. I am most grateful to all. Thank you!