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John Riordan

Albertson, NY
  • John Riordan in the photo 1

For about 5 years I had been experiencing severe pain in my left ankle because of advanced arthritis. I limped with every painful step and put my weight on my right side. I began to have pain in my right hip and down my right leg.

On August 5, 2019 Dr. Rozbruch replaced my ankle. I had to keep all weight off the ankle for 7 weeks. I got around using a knee scooter. After the 7 weeks I was able to walk on it, and I went to physical therapy for about 6 weeks. Since about 4 or 5 months after the surgery I have been able to function without even thinking about my ankle. I have much less pain in my right side. I play golf and take 3 and 4 mile walks without any pain or any limitation on using my ankle. Before the surgery I could not take two steps without pain. I hobbled around; it was debilitating.

Sometimes it seems miraculous to me when I do something and remember how much pain I used to have when I did the same thing.