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John R. Sanchez

Astoria, NY
  • John R. Sanchez in the photo 1

My name is John R. Sanchez. My family thought I should get a second opinion. I had x-rays MRI, CAT scan, and a myelogram and was sent to pain management for a discogram. Thanks To Dr. Semih Gungor told me he didn't see anything about this problem, but knew I had pain and could see it in my face. He asked if anyone looked at my hip and I said no. Dr. Gungor said, "If you let me I want to give a hip injection to see if that it is the problem, but I need the operating room." This was on a Monday. On Friday was the test to see if it was really the hip and the injection was in the groin.

After the injection, Dr. Gungor said that he would get me an appointment to see a surgeon and that was Dr. Alejandro González Della Valle. The year was 2009 and I was 68 years old when I went to see Dr. Della Valle. He showed me x-rays of my two hips and scheduled an appointment for surgery. I underwent a right hip replacement on Aug 5, 2009. That same day I had no more pain and was discharged on Aug 10, 2009. I had my left hip replaced on April 1, 2015 by Dr. Della Valle as well. My wife Christine said it's a good thing that I only have two hips. I am forever grateful to Dr. Della Valle and Dr. Gungor, the medical staff, and everyone involved with HSS.