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John Messina

Brooklyn, NY
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It is incredibly coincidental that I received your email today about asking to tell my story regarding HSS. I say that because today is the day (Jan 20, 2015) that I walked the longest distance since I had my surgery in Feb of 2014. I clocked around 8 miles which before my surgery would of been just a dream of mine to walk that far. After the walk I came home checked my email and there was an email from HSS. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results of my surgery. Besides my knee being replaced, I also had the bottom of my leg (from knee to ankle) straightened. My leg was bowing out because I had been walking with bone on bone for over 20 years and the bowing was getting progressively worse. The bowing caused one leg of mine to be an inch shorter than the other which was also affecting my hips and back. Dr. Figgie assured me he would straighten my leg when he did the knee replacement surgery. The first thing I looked at when I was out of recovery was to see if my leg was straight. I cannot tell you how happy I was that my left leg now was as straight as my right. I can stand properly now, I walk without pain, play golf, ride my bike and just feel like I have more energy. Most importantly, I was able to not limp when walking my daughter down the aisle. I didn't realize that before the operation I was always tired because just walking was so draining on my system. The care I received at HSS was second to none. I raved about HSS so much my brother in law had his hip replaced there. The hospital truly changed my life. When people ask where I had my surgery and I say HSS it's like I said I drive a Rolls Royce....everyone is impressed. The doctors, nurses assistants, physical therapists, etc were all professional. I had a fantastic room with an incredible view, too bad it wasn't a hotel! Thank you HSS you gave me the second half of my life to look forward to.