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John McCarthy

Poughkeepsie, NY

I received a catastrophic knee injury while playing lacrosse for the College of Wooster. I am a defenseman and a big guy at 6'5. This was an extremely disappointing injury as it occurred mid-way through last season, my team was "on a roll" and undefeated. I had started every game since making the team freshman year. Dr. DiFelice performed my surgery in June of last year and shortly thereafter I began my rehabilitation to getting back to form for the 2015 season. All appears to be on track, and most interestingly, my trainers are amazed at the success of my surgery (multiple ligament damage) and how far I appear to have come.

I am looking forward to playing this year in a starting role again in my junior year. Dr. DiFelice is an amazing clinician who immediately put me and my family at ease from the moment we met him. Having been a college athlete, he understood my passion and desire to return to my starting position. I have several other teammates who have had torn ACL's. My trainers routinely comment on my success. I will keep you posted as the season progresses.