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John Kochis

Peapack, NJ
  • John Kochis in the photo 1

I started to exhibit pain in what I referred to as my “good knee” late in 2019. I had ACL surgery in my other knee almost 20 years ago due to a skiing injury. I started with my orthopedic group who performed that surgery and tried gel shots which worked for a short period of time. I recall what the surgery and recovery was like 20 years ago and was not looking forward to having my knee repaired. Due to a family member who had knee replacement surgery from Dr. David Mayman, he suggested I schedule a consultation. The entire process from the first visit to the visit after surgery and all in between was such a wonderful experience. Like most traveling to HSS from outside of NYC, they make this entire process streamlined and efficient. Dr. David Mayman spent the time to explain what and why he recommended partial knee replacement and what to expect with recovery and after. After that initial consultation my mind was made up to have surgery and I had no doubts. Once I started the process the online information shared, including informative videos narrated by Dr. Mayman, answered additional questions I had. After my own research, I knew I wanted robotic surgery and Dr. Mayman was the perfect choice to perform. It was amazing how fast I was able to get back to my normal life. The first couple of weeks, to be expected, brought back memories from my other knee surgery, but that’s when it differed. Each week after the pain was less and my range of motion increased, like I shared with others what now took weeks with my other surgery took months. At 5-6 weeks out I was back to my normal activities with some exceptions that I know I will be back to in the months ahead. It’s refreshing to not feel pain like I have been for the last year plus. I also opted for HSS Rehabilitation and Performance Virtual Care, which I couldn’t have been happier with. Best decision I made and happy to be back hiking, biking and all other activities with my family.