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John Jackson

Poughkeepsie, NY
  • John Jackson in the photo 1

I teach White Crane Kung Fu and have been training martial arts for over 46 years. I have had recurring knee issues since high school due to a football injury. Two surgeries for torn meniscus, gel injections and corticosteroid shots kept me going through my 30s and 40s. Eventually the arthritis caught up with me, however, and the chronic pain was severely impacting the activities that I love (Kung Fu, skiing, and hiking).

I knew I needed a knee replacement, but it was really important with my active lifestyle to get the right surgeon. After a few months of research and phone calls speaking to everyone I knew who had gotten a knee replacement, the consensus was that HSS in NYC was the place to go. I further researched the surgeons who specialize in knee replacement and finally made an appointment with Dr. Seth Jerabek based upon his experience and background. On our first meeting I was thoroughly impressed. He actively listened to my story and history, was informative, straightforward and easy to talk to. I knew I found the right surgeon.

My knee was in pretty bad shape and I asked Dr. Jerabek about the possibility of saving the posterior cruciate ligament during the procedure. He indicated that he cannot guarantee that because of a flexion contracture that I had developed over the years, however, he would go in with that as priority.

The surgery went smoothly and thankfully Dr. Jerabek was able to retain the PCL. I followed his post-surgery protocols to the tee and did every physical therapy exercise religiously. I also threw in my own daily yoga sessions.

The accompanying video speaks for itself. My surgery was on March 29, 2022. This video was taken by my wife on April 29, 2022, exactly one month after the surgery.

I could not be happier with the surgery, my surgeon and the results. Special thanks to Dr. Jerabek and his team. He is truly a professional and skilled man. I am excited to be back doing the things that I love. I am scheduling my other leg for knee replacement with Dr. Jerabek later this year in the Fall of 2022. Truly grateful to be Back in the Game!