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John J Sudia

Toms River, NJ
  • John J Sudia in the photo 1
  • John J Sudia in the photo 2

My story is quite simple. At the age of 66 I found myself experiencing pain in the groin area which would not go away. My local doctor referred me to a local orthopedic group. An x-ray was taken that revealed osteoarthritis of the hip. I was a candidate for hip replacement. A friend informed me of his experience at HSS for hip resurfacing with the BHR device. This started my information gathering on this relatively new procedure in place of total hip replacement. I spent time reading everything I could find on the internet to include internet sites, discussion groups, interviews with surgeons, and videos of the hip resurfacing procedure. Since I am a senior with an active outdoor life, to include construction projects, gardening, big game hunting in mountainous country. It became clear to me that if I could qualify, I wanted the benefits of hip resurfacing. I also became aware that not many local surgeons were experienced in hip resurfacing. I looked for the most experienced hospital and surgeon to do hip resurfacing. HSS and Dr. Edwin Su was my choice, without a doubt. I contacted Dr. Su who responded to my e-mail within one (1) day. Dr. Su examined me and indicated that I was a good candidate for hip resurfacing. The surgery date was set. My experience with HSS was excellent. I was totally impressed with the education course during the preadmission process. I was made aware of what to expect at every step of the procedure. The day of surgery was just as smooth. I was aware of the constant checking to insure every detail was confirmed right down to Dr. Su signing his name on the correct hip to be operated on. During my surgery my family had excellent accommodations in the family waiting area which is a large area overlooking the east river. Reading material, food and drinks are available in the area. Post surgery was just the same, an excellent experience. I thought that in a New York City hospital I would be just another name and number on the charts, not so. The personal attention from all the staff was very surprising to me. I was check many times around the clock for comfort, pain, ice packs, food, personal needs, I wondered if they thought I was some dignitary or very important person. I soon found out that this was routine business at HSS. It is now four (4) months post hip resurfacing and I am at full activities prior to the beginning of my hip pain. All of my friends and associates are just as impressed as I am. I only needed Tylenol once or twice a day at two (2) weeks post surgery. At three weeks, I was ready to get out of the house. At four (4) weeks post surgery, I returned to my desk job 2-3 days a week. At five (5) weeks I was back at work full time.

In February of last year, I had my other hip resurfaced at HSS. As expected, the results were great thanks to Dr. Su and the team at HSS.