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John J. Kelly III

New York City, NY
  • John J. Kelly III in the photo 1

As a professional electrician I have worked in a number of hospitals in NYC and California. I was able to see behind the scenes and I have never been in a hospital that comes close to Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Doug Padgett has been my go-to guy over the years for the knee issues that I developed in my trade. Dr. Doug is as professional as one can be. It's one thing to be smart, it's another to be nice. His military training and call to combat is what first drew me to him. Dr. Doug has a great team and is surrounded by wonderful talented people. Everyone in the hospital is the best they can be. Most of the team have worked there for a long time, many decades. This tells me that HSS recruits the best and retains the best. This is truly the top hospital I know, the finest medical professionals and the best care and service one can have. In a world that is going crazy in the healthcare industry, HSS is the bedrock of professional care. Thanks to Dr. Doug, Arleen in the office and the whole team. They did a superior job on my left knee replacement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...