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John Fay

New Rochelle, NY
  • John Fay in the photo 1

The pain in my knees was getting unbearable. I went to the orthopedist at my primary care, who looked at the x-ray and told me I needed total replacement surgery on both knees. This meeting was less than 7 minutes. Years ago, I had meniscus surgery on both knees, which lead to the arthritis. I had a 45-minute meeting with Dr Chalmers. At the end I asked, “If I was your father, what would you tell him?” He said, "Double partial knee replacement." I said, "Let’s do it." Not to oversell it, but it was life changing. I am Back in the Game. Dr. Chalmers' team is great. I had a few follow up questions, and they responded right away. I have recommended him to all my friends. Great job by him and his team.