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John Eliasberg

Franklin, ME
  • John Eliasberg in the photo 1
  • John Eliasberg in the photo 2

I have been very active my whole life, but after a left knee injury 40 years ago and another right knee injury a couple years ago my activity started to decline significantly. I stopped snow skiing and water skiing. I stopped jogging and even long daily walks. I started walking down stairs backwards and crawling up stairs. I was slow to get up and down out of chairs and bed. I came to HSS and Dr. Mayman, who recommended consecutive knee replacement surgeries when I was ready. I scheduled my left knee last December and my right knee in late February. I could not be happier with the results. After focused physical therapy I was water skiing by June and back up to my daily step goal. I've dusted off my hiking bucket list and am starting to plan. I still take my time standing up in the morning, but I am not happy unless I get in a full regimen of exercise every day. I am deeply grateful to HSS and Dr. Mayman for enabling me to really enjoy this phase of my life and to be Back in the Game.