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John Curran

Armonk, NY
  • John Curran in the photo 1

Lets just say that Dr. Camissa's team saved my life. Being a very active and relatively young man, I thought my life of golf, skiing, dancing and working were over.

After much research, a lot of down time and endless crippling pain, I found Dr. Cammisa.

Not only was he caring, prompt and attentive, he knew the pain I was in. I had total confidence in him.

He first fixed me in 2002 after a massive herniation in lower spine after my L4 and L5 had blown out. When I woke up in recovery my incredible wife asked why I was crying. I said, "I'm crying because I'm not in pain anymore."

It was probably the second best day of my life. That was November of 2002 and in January 2003, I was hitting golf balls again and in late March, with his blessing, went to Scotland where I golfed everyday for a week.

Dr Cammisa said swing easy and I did, then I took all of my friends for a few bucks everyday. I was playing regularly all season and began skiing again in December. My back has been fine. Yes I am careful: I watch what I lift and try to stay fit. My back is back!

Then at the end of ski season in 2012, I hurt my back again. Needless to say, I was right back with Dr. C.

After film work and rest, it I was OK, but he told me to take it easy. Sorry, I can't take it easy and the protruded disc decided to break off and managed to get wrapped up in my L1 Nerve. I have never been in such pain. After a call to my guy. I was rushed in the next day for film and he called me that day to say get in here. I see what's going on we are fixing it tomorrow. Pre-check by his team and whisked in for emergency surgery. To this day, I am fine. I'm skiing a few days a week, planning golf trips and shoveling more snow than I should, but I'm great. And I owe it all to Dr. Cammisa's expertise and his incredible team.

Thank you Frank, Jay and everyone that helped put me back together. There is no where else and no one else I would even consider.