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John Craven

Brooklyn, NY
  • John Craven in the photo 1

Not long after hiking the Rim-to-Rim trail in the Grand Canyon (May, 2021), I had severe knee pain which I didn't understand. I had run marathons (qualifying for the return of the Boston Marathon, Fall 2021) and was in excellent shape. I was diagnosed with a fracture above the knee and osteoarthritis and was told that I shouldn't run again (that is, unless I wanted to risk complete failure of the knee). Then I turned to Dr. Shubin Stein at HSS who had performed, a few years earlier, a life-changing surgery on my shoulder which had debilitated me for years. Under the care of Dr. Shubin Stein and her amazing team, I began a journey of recovery until a setback I had with a torn meniscus in the afflicted knee. After carefully considering my age and fitness level as well as my desire to get "Back in the Game" of running, she repaired the injury and put me back on course with PT.

This past October (ten months after surgery), I ran the Valencia Half Marathon in Valencia, Spain. I was thrilled to have run in what is regarded as one of the fastest half marathons in Europe. I finished in the top 45% overall and in the top 25% in my age group (60-64). My knee feels as strong as ever and I'm now looking forward to maintaining my fitness injury-free! Thank you to Dr. Shubin Stein and her amazing team (especially Sarah Tryon) for getting me Back in the Game!