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John Antista

Staten Island, NY
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My story starts in 2005 when I tore my meniscus. I am and avid weightlifter and tore the meniscus when I slipped. Since the surgery I kept lifting, started competing in bodybuilding and sure enough the knee became arthritic to where it was hurting all the time. Every doctor I went to told me I needed a knee replacement which would have ended what I loved to do. My pal recommended I see Dr. Jordan Metzl as he is an athlete himself and understands how the athlete thinks, this occurred in 2013. When I told Dr. Metzl my story about the knee replacement, his words were this, “Knee replacement? That is the last thing we are going to do. My job is to get you back out there doing what you love to do”. Well since that day though lubrication shots, continued weight training and the continued support by Dr. Metzl to never stop, always keep moving. I am still competing in bodybuilding and won the masters and have competed every year since. (I am 60 years old) Also, in 2016 I tore my triceps tendon. Dr. Metzl sent me to Dr. Joshua Dines, another outstanding doctor who also said I was going to be fine that his job was to get me back to what I loved to do. Today, I am getting ready to compete again in October 2017. I could not have done this without seeing Dr. Metzl or Dr. Dines. I owe both of them, whatever time I have left weight training. I could not thank them enough.