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Joe Przytula

Old Bridge, NJ
  • Joe Przytula in the photo 1

Was my hip replacement at HSS with Dr. Debbi successful? Take a look at my YouTube video from one year post-surgery and decide for yourself!

To say I live an active lifestyle is an understatement. I bicycle an average of 600 miles per year as part of my job as the physical education supervisor at one of New Jersey's largest school districts. I enjoy snow shoeing & ice canoeing in the winter with my wife; scuba diving in the summer.

However at 63 years old, the gunstock deformity in my left hip had finally taken its toll with stiffness, pain, a sense of giving way; but worst of all the inability to get a good night's sleep. The remedial exercise and cortisone injections that had helped in the past stopped working. I knew what was coming next so I dug in and did my research. Dr. Eytan Debbi was my choice. He impressed me not only as a gifted surgeon, but a real student of the profession with the ability to translate very complex concepts into the understandable.

One year post-surgery and my hip feels supple, strong & powerful - thanks to Dr. Debbi and the great staff at HSS!