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Joe Brasile

Larchmont, NY
  • Joe Brasile in the photo 1

I am an avid tennis player. During a match I was chasing down a ball and suffered a complete detachment of my hamstring tendon from my left hip. This is not a common injury and most frequently happens to water skiers. After doing extensive online research and speaking with various hip specialists, it was quite apparent that the sooner I had the tendon re-attached, the more likely I would have a successful outcome and be able to not only return to my normal active lifestyle, but also have a chance to continue to play tennis at the same level as before the injury. This, of course, was assuming I found the right skilled and experienced surgeon. I was put in touch with Dr. Nawabi through a friend’s surgeon at HSS. Dr. Nawabi was eager to meet me and offered to meet with me between his surgeries the day we first spoke. That I could not do but we set a date for the following day. It was immediately clear to me that Dr. Nawabi had the experience necessary to give me the best chance of a full recovery. He was clear, personable, professional and gave me great comfort and confidence that I was in the right place with the right surgeon. The surgery went off without a hitch and I have been waiting before writing this endorsement — not because of any doubt or hesitation, but only so that I can give to you, the reader, my endorsement of him as I have fully recovered and have been playing tennis at the same level, if not better, than before my injury. I returned to the court 5 months after my injury, gaining more and more confidence and mobility which returned, in my voice, to 100% 9 months after the procedure.