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Jodie Garay

Brooklyn, NY
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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in July 2017, coming home from a bicycle ride with my partner around Prospect Park, I looked up just a few seconds too late to see that the traffic light had changed -- and I was about to collide with a car already entering the intersection. I reflexively jammed front and rear brakes, which threw me and my bike into a somersault. I avoided the car, but landed with full force on my left elbow. I heard the bone crack. Everything changed in an instant!

After a bumpy ambulance ride and treatment at a local hospital to stabilize me, I was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Daniel Osei at HSS. A few days later, he performed a five-hour surgery to reassemble my left humerus, which had shattered on impact. Recovery was slow and painful at first, and especially challenging was starting occupational therapy about 10 days out from surgery. But within a few weeks, as the bone mended, I went from a hard splint to a futuristic arm brace. After just two months, I was back at the gym. The recovery was amazing.

As my arm and elbow continued to heal, I found the plates and screws used to put me back together not only uncomfortable, but limiting my range of motion. Dr. Osei planned for another surgery to remove the hardware. I was anxious, but the discomfort following this procedure was minimal. Healing was fast and I retained most of the muscle and flexibility I had regained prior to the surgery. And then a few weeks later, inexplicably, my arm swelled and I developed a fever. My final surgery, to treat an infection, was at the end of February. After a few more weeks of OT, I've been fully back in action. Now just about six months later, I'm working with increasingly heavy weights at the gym.

I'm ever grateful to Dr. Osei for his superb and compassionate care. He's great doctor and a great guy, too! The staff at HSS was wonderful, too. Though I hope I never have to go back, the hospital offered the best care I've ever had.