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Jodi DiMarzo

New York, NY

I suffered a fracture from a traumatic accident on the street in Manhattan. Subsequently I had a total hip replacement. Dr. DiFelice was my surgeon. He explained that THR was the best option for me because I could quickly return to my normal activities and that, with the prosthetic hip, I could maintain my active lifestyle free of pain and hip problems. I was scared, but Dr. DiFelice told me I would be able to do “everything” with the new hip, and I wanted to put the accident behind me and go back to my life. My new hip feels great and I am active and enjoying life. I was walking with a walker the next day after surgery, out on the street walking with a cane and my physical therapist on day 6. This picture shows me at 4 weeks enjoying a walk in New York City. Thank you Dr. DiFelice!