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Joanne Rist

Manahawkin, NJ

After having an ice accident, I had to use the workman's comp doctor in my town for surgery for an unstable compound fracture. I was treated horribly by the doctor and the hospital. This left me with approximately 1/2 " leg longer than before. After my horrific experience in Manahawkin, NJ, I researched HSS and Dr. Fragomen. He met with me and said he would fix me. He took a huge risk taking on someone else's mistake and work. He has been amazing! I cannot thank him enough. I am a surfer and runner and he has been fixing my leg so that I can be active again. Dr Fragomen is a highly skilled, compassionate doctor. He could have turned me away but he didn't! He is the best! Thank you Doctor Fragomen! HSS has been amazing too! I did not know what it was like to be treated so well after my surgery in my local hospital in Manahawkin, NJ. I was treated with respect and comfort and everything about my experience was great. Thank you HSS and Dr. Fragomen. I recommend you to everyone. Sincerely with love!