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JoAnn Zagari

Bridgewater, NJ
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I knew I needed bilateral hip replacements because I could barely walk around my house without using a cane. Upon meeting Dr. Buly, he suggested having them both done together. (He said “you will hate me now but love me later!” He was correct!!)

That was back in May 2006 when I was 57. I have never looked back!! Two years after that I had my right knee replaced and in 2010, I had my left knee replaced. My promise to myself was that I would never take my ability to move for granted... and I haven’t! I do spin classes 3x weekly, train with a trainer 2x weekly, take hip hop classes and do the practice of IntenSati. I have completed a NYC Duathlon and various 5K walks for charity. I owe so much to Dr. Buly, Elaine and to myself! His expertise is amazing, however, his kindness and gentle soul is even more endearing. Elaine, his PA, was there every step of the way and always just a phone call away. I never gave up and pushed through when I thought I couldn’t. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Buly, Elaine and the other professionals at HSS!!