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JoAnn Saggese

Middle Village, NY
  • JoAnn Saggese in the photo 1

Before coming to HSS and Dr. Sama, I saw many surgeons with many different opinions on how to treat (or not treat) my cervical spine pain. It's been a journey that started in 2005.

My initial consultation with Dr Sama made me feel confident that he truly understood all of my medical issues. I was made to feel like a partner in the decision to move ahead with surgery.

From the time I walked into HSS the day of surgery, I was made to feel at ease. Even my nervous husband was able to relax!

Very shortly after surgery, while still in the hospital, I was AMAZED to see that the neck and back pain that had been plaguing me for so long was GONE! GONE!!! It was shocking to me. I had lived with it so long, I forget what it felt like NOT to have it. It's difficult to understand what living with pain is unless you are the unfortunate recipient. Having that pain gone was overwhelming in a very, very good way!

I'm on my journey to get back to "ME." I look forward to going to my son's college graduation PAIN FREE. I look forward to doing the things I used to do, PAIN FREE: going to plays, museums, just being with friends and having a normal social life. I've had to say "no" so many times to so many things I used to enjoy. I finally see "yes!" in my future.

My journey isn't over yet. I still have to go to Physical Therapy. I actually look forward to getting stronger and getting back into the "physical" aspect of my life. Exercise was put on hold due to the pain and fragile nature of my neck. I look forward to getting back into some old habits. Pilates anyone???

No one wants to be in the hospital. However, I must say my stay at HSS was as ideal as any hospital stay can be! EVERYONE I came in contact with was kind, caring, pleasant and reassuring. None of my needs went unmet. Communication between staff was exemplary. All hospitals should aspire to reach such a level of care!

Thanks to all: Dr. Sama and his team, HSS and all the staff. I will forever be grateful for what they have done to help me move forward with my life. I'm a new and improved ME. Feels great to start saying "YES" to things that I used to have to say "no."