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JoAnn Lowe

Sunnyside, NY
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My story starts with having a problem with my left knee. I went to see my primary care sports medicine physician Dr. James Kinderknecht at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Dr. Kniderknecht advised I try a special made brace and have physical therapy. My physical therapist was Restore Plus and my therapist was Reginald Tiu and Carmela. At this facility they treat you with professionalism, caring, and give you a great feeling of people who really care and are concerned about your recovery. Unfortunately, I waited too long and it was decided that I needed a total left knee replacement. At HSS was where I met Dr. David Mayman, one of the finest surgeons there. While I waited for my surgery, Dr. Mayman and his staff provided me with guidance, exercise, videos and surveys to help and help prepare me for the knee surgery. He suggested that after the surgery I rent a wonderful therapy machine. Dr. Mayman’s surgical skills and knowledge and surgical team are the reason for my quick recovery. Practicing the exercises from him also allowed me to make a speedy recovery. I was able to get up and walk with the walker right after my surgery. While home I used the machine which provided coolness as well as compression for my knee which was a great help. Two days after being home, I had the Visiting Nurse Service. My physical therapist was Sunny Agnes. It was determined that all I needed was physical therapy and no other service was needed. I was able to bend my knee at 85 degrees. After two weeks I was able to go up and down the stairs and walk with just a cane. After a month of home therapy, I was able to go back to Restore Plus. At Restore Plus, I started my speedy recovery. I went back to work after six weeks and was able to take public transportation. At Restore Plus after two month of their care through exercise and massages, I was able to bend my knee 130 degrees and able to alternate my feet going up and down the subway stairs. After three months, I began to be able to start to bend and kneel. After three weeks of the therapy I was and I am able to bend my knees and put my weight on them. They also instructed me how to minimize damage should I fall. I am grateful for Hospital for Special Surgery and will never go anywhere else.