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Joan Young

Columbia, NJ
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After having arthroscopies on both of my hips from 2013-2014 by a local surgeon, I continued to have pain and knew there had to be a reason why I would have the same problem on both hips. After doing much research on my own, I found HSS and the Center for Hip Preservation. Dr. Buly spent a lot of time with my husband and I during that first visit and after reviewing my films, he told me I had bilateral femoral anteversion and osteotomies could help, especially since I didn’t have arthritis. I had the first one done in 2015 and the second one in 2017, my last hardware removal in 2018. I told Dr. Buly, Elaine, and Alex that I wanted ‘perfect hips’ by the time I turned 50! That fantasy became a reality and I walked a 9 mile pilgrimage with my Diocese this month without any hip pain or limping! Dr. Buly is such a great surgeon and person! He treats his patients with respect and integrity. I thank God everyday for him and his staff and am glad I took that first trip to NYC!