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Joan Welsch

Brooklyn, NY
  • Joan Welsch in the photo 1
  • Joan Welsch in the photo 2

I have been a personal trainer/spin instructor/group fitness instructor for about 20 years. At age 46 I was experiencing knee pain after a lifetime of several surgeries for meniscus repair, etc. I was not able to walk more than a block without crippling pain and it became an obstacle in my work as a trainer and group fitness instructor. I researched several orthopedic doctors whom specialize in knees. I visited three doctors to get an opinion and best options for my pain and career orientation. One doctor told me to not have surgery, that I was too young to consider knee replacement and I should just "deal" with the pain. When I asked how was I going to perform my classes he suggested use a cane! This was unacceptable as an active person. I met David during this search, and after viewing my x-rays and MRI, it was abundantly clear that I needed a knee replacement. My knee was riddled with arthritis and grotesquely disfigured. Small wonder I was in so much pain. I made David aware of my lifestyle and desire to be active again and he assured me I would be with the technique he was doing and the type of replacement. I was scared but also excited.

I had the surgery and had no pain, and long story short I was back on my bike instructing spin 3 weeks post surgery! I realize I may be an anomaly but I completely believe that attitude and being proactive in my recovery has made me the best candidate for the procedure. It has been life altering. I can do anything, even run which makes David roll his eyes but I feel great! I got my life back and its wonderful to be 53 now and living my active lifestyle.