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Jina Oveissi

Long Velley, NJ
  • Jina Oveissi in the photo 1
  • Jina Oveissi in the photo 2

When I walked into Dr. Jerabek’s office I was filled with anxiety and fear in anticipation of a knee replacement (not one but I needed two). However, I also knew I could NOT go through the pain of getting my arthritic aching knees drained or endure another cortisone shot – it was time to start living again.

At the time, I was only in my early 50s but I felt like I was much older. I couldn’t walk for more than 15 mins without major pain. I was unable to sleep due to the pain. I had to sit and watch while my husband and young teens would enjoy themselves with outdoor activities. It was not a good situation and I knew I had to do something.

I had gotten a recommendation from a work colleague who had just came back from a hip replacement. She told me about this wonderful hospital in the city, HSS, and the most wonderful doctor, Dr. Jerabek. I decided to make an appointment and I’m so happy I did.

From the first visit, I knew I was in the right place. From the hospital, to the x-ray techs, to the office staff, to the nurses, and most importantly to Dr. Jerabek! Dr. Jerabek took the time to explain everything and answer all my questions. He was very honest as to what I should expect before during and after the surgery.

Needless to say, I made the major decision to get my surgeries done at HSS. Not only did I have one knee replacement – I had a Partial Knee Replacement (2014); and went back for a TKR in 2016.

Fast forward to today where I can go on vacations, hikes, bike rides, you name it - with my family.

If you are on the fence about where to go for this very important operation, please take my advise. You will not be sorry with HSS or Dr. J. and the staff/hospital.

Since getting my surgery, I have recommended Dr. J. to two friends who had a TKRs and were very happy. Recently, I asked Dr. J. for a recommendation for my sister in NJ and she went to HSS Paramus and was very happy with Dr. Ast.

Go for it - you will not be sorry. Before my surgery, I always heard people say, “TKRs are tough, but I’m so happy I did it”. Well I’m now one of those people and I’m happy to say I’m a new person because of HSS and Dr. J! Best of luck to everyone reading this – Get “BACK IN THE GAME”!