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Jim "Johnnieee" Carrier

Greenwich, CT

In January of 2003 I was experiencing slight discomfort in my right shoulder and so, I asked my friend if he would help me get an appointment with the guy he was recently raving about at HSS, Dr. Struan Coleman. Struan's very gracious staff booked me for a consultation the next day and upon meeting Struan I felt like I was in very capable hands. The first thing Struan prescribed was physical therapy, which is always the sign of an excellent surgeon as Struan had hope I might heal with PT alone. And I did. Thank you Dr. Struan Coleman.

Four years later, in January of 2007, I sustained a shoulder injury while working out with a dear friend and hero in our family who is a Navy SEAL. I had no idea of its severity other than I was experiencing an unusually high degree of discomfort. First stop was HSS, and Struan spent considerable time examining my left shoulder and suspected a rotator cuff tear along with a labrum tear.

His first course of action was an MRI which confirmed his estimation. Struan then asked about my personal goals and priorities for remaining active athletically and fit to which I explained my goal was to get back on the pull-up bar as soon as he could repair my issues and get me on my way to a full recovery.

Surgery was scheduled for March 17th, 2007 and within 80 days Struan had me back up on the pull-up bar and on day 120 I was able to run the obstacle course at the East Coast Navy SEAL base in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I say this with wholehearted enthusiasm and sincerity - Dr. Struan Coleman is like a "SPECOPS" Warrior among orthopedic surgeons. He is also an absolutely wonderful human being who truly cares about his patients and I am proud to call him my orthopedic expert.

Submitted respectfully,

Jim "Johnnieee" Carrier