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Jim Fong

Cranford, NJ
  • Jim Fong in the photo 1

Two and a half years ago, I was skiing on a bunny slope (embarrassing) and collided with my son's friend. The injury was significant enough that I had to be taken off by rescue. The next day I went to the emergency room and was told by the emergency room doctors in Summit, NJ that it didn't seem that bad. They went on to recommended a knee specialist that I should see. I followed up with the recommended doctor and had an MRI. The diagnosis came back that I had damaged/tore my ACL and MCL. The only treatment was surgery. But the kind of surgery where they were pretty much going to filet my knee open, replace my ligaments and sideline me from work for a few months with pain. My wife works at Weill Cornell in NYC and thankfully asked the doctors that she works with for a referral. Dr. Gregory DiFelice's name was the only one that kept coming up in her search for a knee surgeon. Upon meeting him, Dr. DiFelice explained a procedure that he does, which is repairs the ACL with my own ligament instead of replacing them arthroscopically. His procedure also included minimal recovery time and the promise of very little pain. Surgery was over in about an hour and about an hour after waking up from surgery, I was able to put pressure on my knee again. I was also able to walk - slowly though.

I went home and continued the prescribed PT. During my few weeks at PT I came across several young athletes that had the same injury as me. They were more than half my age and way more physically in shape than I ever was. Yet their recovery process took far longer than mine. I questioned each of them and found out they were "light years" away from the progress I was making only after a few weeks. My total PT time was about 3 months and I can say 2 and a half years later, my knee has never felt better! Those younger athletes were already months in on their PT before I even got there. All of them walking around like old people. I'm able to run, jog, bike, hike, walk, swim and play basketball/soccer with my kids with no problems at all. Went hiking at Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion and Sedona within 6 months of surgery! I can't thank Dr. Gregory DiFelice enough for putting me back together and giving me my quality of life back. Especially with such minimal pain from the procedure and most of all for the time saved so that I can continue to run my business!

Highly Recommend Dr. DiFelice and Thank You!!