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Jim Dileo

Merrick, NY
  • Jim Dileo in the photo 1

I am extremely active - basketball (playing and fantasy camps), tennis, the gym, etc. - basically a sports nut. I am sure, over the years, with various injuries, I developed severe arthritis of the left hip. I had been seeing a local orthopedist on Long Island - 3 visits over 5 months - with PT 2 times a week. He kept saying I was not ready for a replacement. I disagreed, and based on a prior positive experience with HSS, decided to seek a 2nd opinion. I met with Dr. Goolsby and with one look at the x-ray and some manipulation of the joint, she said "I am not sure why your local orthopedist is saying you are not ready. You are bone on bone." She gave me some referrals and I chose Dr. McLawhorn as he performed the anterior procedure, which is what I wanted after doing some research on my own. I had the surgery on 7/13/18 and was unbelievably surprised at the significant positive result. Dr. McLawhorn made me promise to follow his recovery protocol and that if I did, I would be back on a tennis court playing doubles in 3 months. I did what he asked and was back on a court in early November. It took about 1 1/2 months of playing to get back to where I had been prior to the arthritis becoming a significant issue in the fall of 2017. I am a very happy camper. I was only in for 1 night after the surgery and the care at HSS was exactly as I had expected - professional, thorough, and caring. They earn their reputation one patient at the time and it is well-deserved. I am looking forward to my next adult basketball fantasy camp to maybe reconnect with some former pros I have met in the past (like George "The Iceman" Gervin - he's the taller fellow in the photo). Thank you, Jim